PLMA at work : giving back funds and local materials fix paths in the Pentlands

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PLMA continue path work in the Green Cleugh using funds donated by local events and locally sourced materials.

Locally sourced wool from less than a mile away.

Funds for machinery and fuel donated by Pentland events

The PLMA "giving back" fund allows event organisers that run events within the Regional Park to "give back" to the landscape they use. This money has been ring-fenced by the PLMA for use on infrastructure and biodiversity projects within the Pentland area.

The machinery and fuel were paid for out of this fund and we thank the events organisers for their contributions this year.

Wool & labour donated by PLMA members

Sheep fleeces have been used to repair a footpath in a wet area of riparian planting in the Green Cleugh. The PLMA were keen to move away from “unsustainable” plastic membranes towards natural and local materials, especially in this area of native planting managed for wildlife.

The Green Cleugh is well-trodden by visitors to the hills and one of the most heavily used paths in the Pentlands.

A wet winter had left stretches of boggy mud and issues with path widening starting to impact upon the nearby trees.

In the past the path was repaired using a plastic membrane to act as a barrier between the wet ground and the path surface. Always on the lookout for more sustainable solutions to fix the eroded Pentland path network the PLMA are delighted to have found an old world solution that works well.

Both wool and labour were kindly donated by members.

Wool membrane laid before being covered by a hardcore path surface.