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Ambitious Pentlands nature project

Project L-AND is a partnership between nature recovery consultants Ecosulis and the PLMA to improve the environment and biodiversity within the Pentland Hills.

PLMA in the press : Collaboration with Nature - 'Farmer clusters' foster landscape-scale conservation

Involving a group of six PLMA members, it focuses on landscape scale habitat management and includes livestock. Cluster members will gather data on habitat management options and over time the goal is to deliver landscape scale change.

PLMA at work : giving back funds and local materials fix paths in the Pentlands

PLMA continue path work in the Green Cleugh using funds donated by local events and locally sourced materials.

Biodiversity Minister for Scotland, Lorna Slater visits PLMAs pioneering Pentlands Wildlife Collaboration

The innovative conservation work of land managers in the Pentland Hills has been explored during a visit and meeting with Scottish Government Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity, Lorna Slater MSP.

Easter Bavelaw is awarded Wildlife Estates Accreditation

A nature friendly family farm on the outskirts of Edinburgh has become the smallest landholding in Scotland to be awarded prestigious international wildlife accreditation.

PLMA fixing paths in the Pentland Hills Regional Park

Path Repairs on the Green Cleugh

PLMA repairs to the core footpath that runs through Green Cleugh and makes plans for a sustainable path maintenance plan for the future.

PLMA host Baseline your Pollinator Life workshop

PLMA host Wildlife Estates and Buglife for their Baseline your Pollinator Life workshop. The workshop focussed on how as farmers and citizen scientists we can baseline and record pollinators in the Pentlands adding to both local and global data sets.

PLMA & SPARC launch the ‘Your Dog – Your Responsibility’ campaign

New legislation protects livestock from dog attacks.

PLMA x Wildlife Estates

The PLMA provides its members (comprising farmers and land managers) with a network and platform to collaborate on shared biodiversity goals in the Pentland Hills. We believe Wildlife Estates Scotland is a good fit for our holistic, landscape-scale biodiversity aspirations.

PLMA hosts Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs Mairi Gougeon

The PLMA hosted Mairi Gougeon, The Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and her colleague Lisa Mcann from the Scottish Government's biodiversity unit.